The best way to find the best VPN for your needs is to determine your needs before you subscribe to one of the providers

Whether you want to download in complete privacy, secure your connection, access mass surveillance, access multi-media content inaccessible in your country, then a VPN will certainly come in handy at some point. The best way to find the best VPN for your needs is to determine your needs before you subscribe to the 10 VPN ราคาถูกที่ดีที่สุดในปี 2021.

The best way to find the best VPN for your needs is to determine your needs before you subscribe.

Doing your choice among the hundred or so VPNs present is not apparently easy. But in fact it is quite simple because the best VPNs have the same basic functions that allow us to meet our initial expectations:  Security – Anonymization – P2P Torrent – Streaming – Neutralité réseau – Wifi – Évite surveillance

Moreover, VPNs tend to more or less specialize in areas that require more technicity in addition to this common base:  Bypassing any type of géo-restriction Déblocking the Web  Accessing local network with a VPN – VPN solutions for professionals

If you don’t feel like reading everything here are the 3 best VPNs that have the widest range of features:

  1. NordVPN If you are looking for the all-inclusive VPN » – Easy to use application for dé butants, more than 5500 servers ré in 59 countries around the world, incredibly fast speed and advanced options – the best choice will certainly be NordVPN.
  2. PureVPN – If you want to choose the VPN that will cost you the least, then the performance of this VPN provider like a Surfshark VPN is very interesting, and very affordable prices.
  3. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice as this service will suit users looking for both routine as well as more technical usage. Demanding users will turn to this VPN for its de-blocking capabilities.

Choose the most suitable VPN for your needs

For each need we show you the best VPN or VPNs. We put qualifiers like technical – specialist – performing – competent – high-end to characterize each VPN. After the lists you will find a comparative table resuming the competences of each VPN.

Essential needs perfectly maétrised by VPNs

These general uses are:

  • Security – A VPN is first and foremost a security tool that serves to protect your personal data. It is the best way to guarantee the security of exchanges and the integrity of what circulates. No one may intercept or alter the content that passes between you and the Internet. All VPNs master this aspect. The only differences are in the level of encryption and the operating mode of the encryption. By default the encryption level is 256-bit AES which is commonly used. The operating mode is often CBC (the way the encryption is done). Prefer VPNs with a GCM operating mode (faster and it authenticates at the same time as it encrypts).
    • VPN Technical: Private Internet Access. The level of encryption and the ability to change this level makes Private Internet Access the benchmark in the field of security.
    • Performing VPN: NordVPN. This VPN offers the maximum level: AES 256 bit GCM.
  • Anonymization – Anonymization is something complex. Its basis is the NO LOG coupled with an anonymous payment. VPNs specialized in anonymization often add TOR or Dual VPN options.
    • VPN spécialiste: NordVPN is an audited NO LOG VPN. S’ adds TOR over VPN access and Double VPN servers with the Surfshark review!
    • Technical VPN: AirVPN is a technical VPN with multiple configurations. Only VPN à offer a combination TOR + VPN in both access paths.